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The more in control I am, the better!

Control freaks spend their life suffering only to prevent pain.

This mental loop is called anxiety

and the great results achieved by controlling what they do,
confirm that they are right


this is how anxiety feeds itself.

But anxiety can be defused

by being present to this moment without inner conflicts,
if you are in pain, be in pain
if you are sad, allow sadness,
if you are down, put "down" music to be totally in it.

If others feel uncomfortable with you being that, it's their problem to fix, not yours.

Perhaps, they feel that way, because they haven't allowed themselves to be fully present with what they experience, as you do.

When you are present, you live what is, as you are,
you no longer argue with it,
in the absence of inner conflicts
you no longer let anxiety run your life.

This is called freedom.

Not freedom from pain,
but freedom to be in pain
and free to let it go when pain's time is done.

In this coming and going you are what experiences life to its fullest.