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Up until I was around 40, a lot of what I achieved ...

...was driven by anxiety, and no, it wasn't me that was using it as fuel to achieve stuff...

it was anxiety that was using me to burn!

The need to prove to myself that I was the master of my destiny and that I could avoid the unpleasant emotions associated with failure was precisely what kept me prisoner to being an unconscious "high achiever".

Think about it...

have you ever resolved the problem of anxiety thanks to the results achieved or does it keep you going in an endless vicious circle?

The anxiety is resolved by realizing that the idea of power and control that we feel we have in the doing comes from an internal conditioning of being.

A deeply rooted discomfort that keeps you hostage to it,
until you pay attention to your inner self-sabotaging program that keep you trying to fix it with what you do.

First being.
Then doing.

Most people fail to resolve anxiety as they can't see how peace of mind can be "achieved" by doing nothing at all.

I discovered it first hand when I was a broken country director, who became a regional director and member of the board as soon as I let life happening through me.

Realize the freedom and peace of your fundamental nature and let life happen as you are.

To me this realization was triggered by pain, and the absolute impossibility to do anything about it, so that all that was left was surrender and acceptance

but if you are ready to leave anxiety behind without having to go through pain you could consider

self inquiry or meditation.

This is not "philosophical stuff"

it's the most practical and grounded way to experience our fundamental free nature which requires no efforts, but familiarity.

Self inquiry or meditation is not a mean to a better end,
it's the end in itself.

It's freedom to see and being aware of the "seeing" being you.

No longer identified with what you see, feel or fear.

Seeing will set you free.

During my coaching we don't close our eyes neither seat in a particular position, we start with your goals and challenges and together we'll find out what's between you and your effortless manifestation.

I thought this picture explains it better that life requires no doer to happen.