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How can I express my full potential despite the situation?

What irritates you about the situation?
How does it prevent you from expressing yourself to the fullest?
What makes you feel most vulnerable?

In resolving the hold that the emotion that you fear the most has on you, there is the freedom to express yourself to the fullest.

Emotions are real but fleeting perceptions of past events that made you feel

-- guilty
-- unworthy
-- incapable
-- vulnerable
-- not confident

that still have a grip on you today.

The block lies in having made permanent what is fleeting.

The liberation lies in seeing how your mind operates
so that you can acknowledge your conditioning and
realize that you are "that" which is experiencing it.

> Self inquiry / Meditation

Is what helps us go back to our deepest and free nature.

I call this "explorActions", because there is no passivity in this, on the contrary there is curiosity to learn about ourselves and undivided attention to see the trap that the mind keeps playing.

This is a shift in consciousness which is not achieved by a "better" mind made effort,

it emerges naturally

as you see the fallacy of the block that you hold as your truth.

When you realize that you are the sky

you will still see passing clouds,

but you will no longer lose yoursef with them.