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That taboo you don't dispel... and that "something more" in life that you are seeking.

Before I tell you what it is to me and why it might be the same to you, let me do a small premise

as a former corporate director and member of the board with 30+ years of experience I trust you understand that I know what it means to be a professional with responsibilities to deal with.

That I know what it means to deal with "real" stuff.

And because what I'm about to say, is the result of actual experiencing, not philosophy or wishful thinking here I go:

unless we access our divine space where, whatever we do or don't will cease to be a dry movement of our body and dull use of our mind we are doomed to be the masters of our misery.

Being "spiritual" is not woo woo stuff

it is the most concrete experience that those who are free from mental noise experience as being rooted in the vastness of this moment, as this moment is right here and now.

Allowing this sense of wonder about life to keep you in curiosity mode, because you know that you don't know and you realize that
there is nothing to know to get anywhere else but here
with a sense of trust that requires no reasons
and healing that needs no mentalizations

is not a taboo to keep away from,
is a space you want to sink fully into.

I'm not talking about practicing any particular ritual, religion, or suggesting that you leave everything behind for a mystical ascent away from society.

On the contrary, your sacred space does not need any-thing!

I found it while lying on the couch staring spiritlessly at the ceiling while I acted as the usual "grinder" while at work.

So, you too can access it and experience it right where you are, while dealing with the real stuff that you are involved with.

How ?

Call it self inquiry or meditation,
give it whatever name inspires you the most

the point is

unless you see how your mind operates
you'll continue to believe that it is you
that is having the mental activites
that run inside your head instead
it is them that are having you.

Thoughts and visualizations driven by the same source that generates suffering will keep you stuck thinking and believing instead of living.

This is what keeps me writing and coaching.

Although you require no one to get to your sacred space, I've experienced the benefits and the acceleration that exposing myself to others and sharing without taboo or judgements can do.