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I've been seeking success in various forms for as long as I can remember

I started to work as a boatman during summer when I was 11 and became a country credit risk director at 38.

But then, at around the age 40 I found myself doubting everything I had pursued with such a relentless determination.

I couldn't reconcile my success with so much emptiness.

I was a high achiever, my job and wealth were going great.

But, my family, my relationsihps, my health weren't.

My spark was lost in a passionless routine.

By always chasing the next goal, I lost contact with myself

and everyone around me paid the price for that.

The trap of being a high achiever, is that

you'd rather keep on functioning, albeit broken inside, than stop and admit that you don't know what is happening to you
and that you might need help.

Does it resonate?

There are plenty of good people out there whose job is to help you find your way back to yourself,

but no one can help you unless you want to help yourself.

What to do will become clearer as you take this first step.