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Conditioned by the search for a higher purpose...

...which seems like a blessing granted only to a select few, the old paradigms of competition, merit and life as a means to a "higher" end no longer hold.

For a radical transformation it is necessary to look inside, not outside.

Returning to ourselves, each for himself and to the extent that he is capable of.

It's not about achieving who knows what.

But to have the experience that everything is already here, in every moment.

Einstein seems to have said that "of all experiences there is no more beautiful and profound experience that a man can have than that of feeling the sense of mystery. To feel that behind everything that can be grasped there is something that our mind cannot grasp."

That "feeling something that cannot be grasped" is the experience of knowing that "I don't know" and I add, that there is nothing to know.

It is not a declaration of renunciation to understand something that could be understood with effort, but as an openness to the fact that there is a field of experience that cannot be acquired as a notion, but only as an experience that experiences itself being.

Realizing that you don't know and that there is nothing to know to get to who knows what other destination, in addition to rooting us on the ground as the most spiritual of experiences, helps to keep alive the sense of wonder towards life and to have a relationship with yourself and with others always fresh.

However, when everything is interpreted through one's own baggage of so-called knowledge, judgments towards those who do not conform are an inevitable consequence that does nothing but separate us. Even before from others, from ourselves.

Because the deepest nature inherent in each of us is that of silence which experiences itself as life.

We are not a body experiencing life. Quite the opposite.

We are life experiencing itself as this form we identify with.

To experience the mystery, one must experience the presence of the unknowable beyond all mental movements.

In the silence of the mind, even a small wave can become an all-encompassing experience.

In the absence of identification with the movements of the mind, all the actors disappear, the wave, the sea and the observer.

They are replaced by "what is".

Do whatever you do, being that.