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Other than a total loss of anxiety and a gain in clarity, I see no real benefits


in seeing how your mind operates.

Rather, the risks of no longer being pushed and pulled by people or circumstances is too high

and it could compromise your ability to magnify the suffering in your life in extraordinary ways.

Why being satisfied with pain when we can add our own unique flavour of suffering on it by believing that we can live a painless, although immaginary, life?

There are many words to describe the process to go through to lose all the benefits of being driven by the fear of pain and suffering more than necessary,

the trouble is,

that it isn't a process but a realization.

In my experience, it is a spontaneous happening.

Books and processes can help you satisfy that need to grasp this thing mentally,

but it is an experience that can happen even to the most uneducated people in the world that don't believe in this stuff the slightest.

It happened to me when I had no interest whatsoever about this stuff and I had plenty of judgements on the people who talked about it.

A spontaneous happening though... it doesn't mean that you can't take any action to expose yourself to its manifestation,

it means finding out that it is independent from your level of education or beliefs.

And this is why, I like to call my programs


If you are eager to lose many of the "benefits" of feeling isolated, tired, disconnected from self and others...

I can help you explore.