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Many successful people and anxiety walk hand in hand.

I've been there big time.

Very often, what brings people to success is focus, a sense of urgency, hard work and the determination to succeed.

And, since they succeeded, they continue to operate under the same ingrained belief that

> focus
> hard work
> determination
> sense of urgency

it's what will allow them to avoid feeling the emotions they fear most.

It's very likely that that hunger to succeed stemmed from past failures, humiliations, that hurt them so much that this was their reaction to redeem from them.

Keeping on bringing along what has never been resolved.

Results in the doing, don't even get close to resolving anxiety issues, on the contrary it could lead to burnout.

Recognizing that this is what is going on, is already a great step to see that, this way of mixing doing with being, is not the way to "paradise".

Finding out the source of suffering, with all its unconscious strategies to defend against pain, is what will free you from suffering.

You will find out as soon as you see the illusory nature of the story teller in your mind, that all it does is trying to fix experiencing with thoughts.

Bring your operating system in the open so that what feels a mountain too high to climb is seen for what it is... only a fragment of what you see.

Care to explore?