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I said it already and I will say it again...

... grinding does not lead to burnout and burnout can be a golden door to your awakening.

What makes the entire difference in the world is how far you feel from your deep fundamental nature.

To simplify, how aligned you are with your core.

Your core being

you as life wants you to manifest, feel and taste right in this moment without the slightest resistance.

How spontaneous and authentic is that?

Resistance = suffering.
Acceptance = freedom.

But how is it possible to be this spontaneous when you have a million and one pressures points coming from all directions like

your relationships asking you to comply with their needs or else feel guilty and unworthy


your job keeping you stuck in doing stuff you'd happily drop if you didn't have financial obbligations?

Go deep within,

dedicate time for self inquiry

so that you can clearly see what's the source of your suffering and where lies the freedom that you are seeking.

The outer world may not change the slightest,

but you will no longer need anything outside to change to start living a free and fulfilling life.