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He said… "I'm already there and never had that thought"... I thought.

"I'm so pissed off I'm about to turn 58!"

Last night, my friend and I were outside sitting on a bench having our cigars whilst the others where inside dancing and celebrating two "kids" who just turned 50.

What is so different?

Regrets perhaps?
Lack of acceptance?

Some people bring their scars along because they didn't allow themselves to experience life the way they wanted to

and got trapped into blaming

their past
other people
financial obligations that keep them trapped in a job they hate
responsibilities toward their family that they are so afraid to disappoint

others look at their scars as a life fully lived and
they are at peace with themselves because
they exhausted their thirst of experiences
through experiencing them.

Scars are scars.

Nobody wants them, all have them though.


when you are fully in,
fully present,
life is never reduced to the thoughts of
how it could have been
how it should have been.

It's lived.

Scars-ly harmoniously.