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This is the most empowering stuff that can happen to you

whether alone or with the help of another human being

that you discover your way back to yourself.

Even though you may be "using" a guide or a "teacher",
discovering first hand is empowering.

Followership won't work.

Use all the so called "teachers" that inspire you with no hesitation
as the reason they do is because they hit a chord of truth
that is already in you.

All teachers are useful because you will finally realise that you no longer need them.

The student - teacher relationship gives its fruits when they both disappear.

I am a former corporate director and I have experienced the conflict of being in an all time low personally while having to maintain the role of a leader.

This is a conflict that can be overcome.

We are all here in relationship to one another, there is no above nor below.

All servants of the same truth
that of awareness pointing at itself
as one single awareness, not mine or yours.

Whatever is your challenge right now, it's your golden opportunity to rise beyond it, in awareness.