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How to beat performance anxiety?

Performance anxiety, stems from the conviction that you have power and control over future events and that enables you to avoid the unpleasant.

Unpleasant being.... those thoughts that re-evoke that sense of

-- humiliation
-- not good enough
-- being unworthy of love

This is the loop of living today as an adult by the script
of a belief that made a lasting impression on you
since you were a kid.

Consider this... suffering from performance anxiety

-- is not a choice and
-- it doesn't require reprogramming into a better version.

If you can park for a moment the belief that you have power and control over the unpleasant future and

allow yourself to feel however you feel right now and

start considering that every attempt to "act on it" only validates your past conditioning as the current truth,

which is not serving you right now nor has ever served you

you may see an alternaive and life long solution to unfold through you
as you,
which is neither a choice nor an action.

I found this to be very helpful:

-- bring your triggers in the open
-- see how your conditioned mind operates
-- experience the way thoughts and emotions run through you
-- be aware of you still being here, never dragged away by their waves

and you'll experience an effortless deprogramming.

Don't trust me on this.

Live it.