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You won't move on unless the desire to reclaim your life is stronger than

the fears and pain you are willing to feel.

If you are not ready, no one can inject that readiness into you.

This must be respected and allowed.
There's no shame in this.
We all have our times to digest, process and let ourselves go with the flow with what life wants us to manifest.

This time is not wasted. It is necessary.

Just be aware though, that if you're waiting in the hope that external events will turn in your favor, this is not a great strategy.

You are procrastinating an immense potential for growth.

Readiness does not mean knowing what to do or how,

it means being ready to skin your knees, explore, learn and unlearn and discover what is next as next appears.

Your readiness is the only pre-requisite.

Something that is not mandatory though, but that could potentially speed up the process and give you back your confidence and access to your wisdom

is by exploring with another human being the beauty of

and your expansion in

human relationships.

Another person allows you to:

-- Speak up. In itself this is already a very liberating experience.
-- Recognize and accept the challenge. Where's your pain.
-- Find out where your blocks are and pave the way for your solutions.
-- Challenge your beliefs to increase your awareness of it.
-- Realize that you are not alone, no matter how isolated you feel right now.

People inspire people.

We are in relationship with others and with everything.

There is no such thing as a separate person unless we let our mind play tricks on us.

Let your fears and self criticism play as a broken record and move on anyway, you'll be surprised to see how many people are out there ready and able to be with you.