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How many stages of burnout are there?

If you google it you will find plenty of numbers..3, 4, 5, 12...

any number you like really and they all makes sense.

The difference is mainly based on the granularity of the breakdown
that it's been decided to give attention to, but they all seem to point to a similar process and similar psychological consequences.

Consequences that you can turn around although you may feel
at your lowest right now with the only desire to be alone
and unplug from a purposeless routine...

as you feel disconnected from yourself and others to the point that
nothing seems to matter anymore.

But if you are determined to reclaim your life back, you know...

the joy of waking up in the morning and feel a fresh start everyday with inner peace so that you enjoy and experience the connection with self
and others because you liberated yourself from the clouds that are obscuring your days...

We can talk.

The fact that "I have been there and done that" doesn't qualify me to be you so I'm not going to give you "better habits" or advices based on
my own experience
as only you can find your way back to yourself
the way that it makes sense to you

but it gives us a starting point
where there is privacy
understanding and
no phases to adhere to
no judgement either
only a common goal:

exploring and experiencing the options that are seeking you
and that might be as close and immediate
as an insight
your own.