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To be an impostor you must deserve this title

by deliberately cheating to gain an advantage that should not have been given to you.

If you haven't done that, you do not deserve that title, and

of course you understand this conceptually, however

you still feel like a fraud,
not deserving

you need to constantly prove your worth by aiming higher and higher
and at the same time you are afraid of exposing yourself
for they may discover how unworthy you are!


if this is what happens,

and a deep sense of inadequacy is also affecting other areas of your life... and very likely it does...

You may be ready to break free from this trap.

Find a safe space to

expose all your thoughts, convictions and emotions

to the emotional discomfort of speaking up
to the light of your awareness
to the challenge of another

In order to see by yourself that the narrative you bought into for such a long time is the real fake that you can let go.

Once you see it, you'll be free from it

and you will start enjoying

your career as a growing process rather than the evidence of a belief that wants you to know it all and have it all already

your relationships as a whole, not as a needy half seeking another needy half.