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Narcotizing behaviors that may preceed a breakthrough:

-- drinking to release tension
-- languishing on the sofa
-- watching tv to stay unplugged
-- scrolling aimlessly on SM
-- sleeping more than needed
-- working relentlessly
-- keeping busy to avoid pauses

In fact, these behaviors may also bring you down and keep you down

as the common element driving the above is a sense of

Isolation and disconnection from self and others.

Which is not even a choice

but a belief in the narrative that keeps you living in the unconscious zone.

However, if your sense of urgency to take your life back is strong enough

you will eventually find your way back to yourself by

accepting the challenge of

self inquiry

where you will find beauty in the silence of your mind

free from the narrative that you are now hostage to.

No need to take dramatic actions

but certainly

for a radical change there needs to be a radical new way to look.