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A superhero's journey... backward

Have you seen it or are you living it yourself?

Started as a super driven enthusiastic force who accomplished career, money and all thanks to your

1. grit
2. focus
3. motivation
4. determination

and now instead of thriving on the foundations that were so carefully built
it feels like being in the mud

-- stagnant
-- frustrated
-- detached

What happened?

An unforeseeable mistery or an inevitable happening?

I mean, have you ever seen a hero without monsters and ghosts to combat?

The greatest hero of all
has the greatest challenges of all

that require

to come out in the open
as a vulnerable human being that
doesn't know what is going on,
doesn't know what to do,
doesn't know how to,

and the worst of it all

he needs to be exactly where he is
if he wants to have a chance to defeat the greatest of all ghosts.

But a hero

doesn't ask for help
keeps it all inside

and finally....

fill in the blank please... what would our hero do?

and the most pressing question of all... what was the scariest of all ghosts?