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This is a list of psychological symptoms you may be experiencing during burnout

low energy
sense of isolation
decreased motivation
self destructing thoughts
feeling disconnected from self and others

If burnout is not addressed can also bring to depression.

Does this resonate?

For what is my experience, the root cause of burnout has little to do with excessive and prolonged workloads in an unsupportive organizational climate but most of all with your "unseen" emotional triggers.

So, the first thing to do if you want to start living a better life is to look where the problem is, not where it manifests.

Blaming your job, your boss, your colleauges, the environement and the company you work in, will only ensure you stay stuck in there.

The challenging conditions of your work environment are to be seen as gas on a fire already lit up.

You entered the organization or your relationships... as the fire.

I understand that going within may be scary and even if one wanted to
it may not be clear what to do, where to start or even how.

That's why people end up closing themself off and isolating even more.

If you've had enough to live like this

you will take all your hesitations in your hands and

take a leap of faith by reaching out to people who know where you are
and can help you see how much larger you are
than any of your challenges and fears.

You are awareness even now, although currently concentrated on the latters.