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A radical transformation

a man wondered how to get out of that vicious circle
waking up in the morning already tired
thinking yesterday's thoughts
and with the same thoughts
going to bed at night

day in and day out

until he realised that it wasn't time that was flying
It was him that was flying
carried away by that
loop of wanting to
be somewhere

and although he knew that he was unhappy
he didn't know what to do to be happy

What to do?

"Everything I do is going to hurt people" he kept thinking
and so he remained stuck for the fear of hurting
those who loved the most

By staying stuck he was hurting them even more.

Who wants to be with someone who is not fully in?

What can anyone give if one is unhappy?

One day, the sky broke his dead loop of thoughts
and showed him the freedom of the sea
never reduced to its ebb
nor proud of its flow

and time stopped

he was no longer flying away
he was the eternal knowing
that was finally able to see
he was cheating its core
by believing that others
happiness depended
on him

when in fact that was the story of the cheater
that could not surrender to the inevitable
truth of life being a free and
spontaneous flow
which included
pain and joy.

He had lost his center and in that loss
he found the eternal flowing as
this moment is.

Happy weekend!