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When you stop living by the opinions of others...

... something important has happened.

You've seen where your opinion of yourself comes from
and when the source is hacked there's no going back
to believing in it.

It's a hack with no doing.

It's a realization.

No one has power and control on you unless your unhacked source continues to give them power as deep inside
you think you have it on others too.

See that and

this never ending emotional negotiation for power and control
may continue to run, but it remains a fleeting apparition
with no consequences on you as its emotional grip
has naturally ran out of beliefs.

Don't believe me?

You don't have to.

Unless you experience it first hand, all this is nonsense.

A fleeting moment of entertainment at best.

If it resonates though... immagine...

How would life feel with that kind of freedom?

If you are ready to explore, you know what to do.

Happy Friday!