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Radical Transformations

Here's an ad for you on the verge of a radical transformation but hesitating because it's going to have a big impact on others and on you,

but despite all your reasoning not to... the truth is, you're not happy

-- your vitality is at an all-time low
-- questions, doubts and fears fill in all the spaces
-- thoughts go by themselves and you are carried away by them
-- others wonder what is happening to you but you don't open up
-- you fear that if you speak up you'll rapidly be taken where you don't want to go.


I see 3 options:

1. you remain stuck and turn into a victim, blaming others for the life you haven't had (you might use the narrative of being "responsible" if that works)

2. you keep boiling up until you explode and hurt everyone around you

3. you take a different route

and so the ad

Send me a DM to start exploring.

The freedom you are seeking is seeking you.