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A major dream's blocker?

Just before I give you my answer, check if this makes sense...

dreams to be such, don't need to be told what they should look like
when to manifest
or how

they belong to a greater dimension,
beyond the needs to comply,
but free to surprise

or they will no longer be dreams but the outcome of a dreamer whose goals are away in time and in need of a project plan with deadlines and milestones.

And there's nothing wrong with having goals.

However, dreams dictate their own unfolding
hence requiring trust in the unknown
not neediness.

So to answer who's the major blocker?

The dreamer.

When the dreamer disappears,
the dream can manifest through you, as you

in unexpected ways, but it will feel as if it was an inevitable happening

as if the dream was already out there
only waiting for you
to catch up with it.

Don't take my word for it though.

See it for yourself.

Let life unfold.

Experience it.

See the needy record playing in your head and find out how the dream expresses itself through you.