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The Priestess of Avalon

Among the many legends, it seems that the priestess of Avalon and mother of the Roman emperor Constantine I, had been somewhere on this beach in Ostia.

Perhaps this same sand could have felt the weight of her steps while she waited to finally return to her homeland to close her story.

History and legend intertwined with the magic of Marion Zimmer Bradley's pen transformed ink stains into lenses open onto a world of your own

that you may have not noticed you had all along.

She makes you feel the wind, the cold, the rain and the sun as if they were your own emotions...

Well then... you know what to do.

The great mother, the Goddess to whom the priestess of Avalon referred to and of whom she was the voice, is right here

as the creative and regenerating force that lived
not only in her but in all and in the infinite cycle of life.

I wrote about the Great Mother before reading about her in the Avalon cycle... and I wonder...

Maybe this story that we are all connected, and that each of us are not separate entities but part of an indivisible whole, isn't a fantasy story after all.

Actually, I don't wonder it at all,

nor I believe in it.

I know it's true.

Happy Sunday and happy reading!