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Seeing your kids every other weekend doesn't make you a half-parent.

You are and you'll always be their full-time dad/mom.

What separates children from you is not
how often you see each other
but the lack of presence
in the time available.

When you are present, you are totally there
with them, for them, without interference
of recriminations

Presence is the gift that even those who
have the benefits of living together
are not always able to experience
as they mistake being in the same home
as being together.

If their mind is somewhere else, close is never close enough.

If this is not your weekend
be present here and now, as now is,
pain is part of life but it doesn't have to become the story of your life.

Find the sacred space inside you
that which beats time and space
and when your weekend comes
you'll have gold to share.

You'll be home
you are home
right now.

I'm with you.