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A zombie in a smart suit, drove a fancy car while dreaming

about life
a free life.

He blamed others for keeping him trapped
in that cage of duties,
that he once had worked so hard for.

Not that they were forcing him
to dress like that
or drive that car
but there he was

consistently performing his part
slowly dying
behind his success
trapped inside that suit
hidden by the dark screens
of his car
that prevented people to look through
and see the needy man he was

And life went on
until one day he stopped the car at a red light
and a guy came closer to wash his windscreen
he was poor and dirty
but with a gaze as deep as the ocean
on the right side of the road

the elegant man put the window down
to hand him some change
but in the meantime
the light went green and the guy
gently withdrew his hand
and went back to the side
of the road
as the ebb of the calmly moving giant

to his amazement Mr Z came off the car
not caring about blocking the other cars
that were queueing behind
horning and cursing at him

any other day he would have not permitted
himself to be cursed like that
without reacting as he knew he could

"why haven't you accepted my money?" He asked

"Another day. I don't want to ruin this moment."

"But you need money don't you?" Replied Mr Z

"Yes I do sir. But the day is long
and I will surely make some money.
For now I saw
something much more valuable to me
and perhaps
we are now seeing the same thing.”

You choose the moral of the story that resonates with you the most.

For me, it's just about letting the writing go as it pleases.

Perhaps, memories of past lives in which I was on both sides of the road, seasoned with a little imagination...

not too much though.