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I'm not going to give my younger self any advice for 3 simple reasons:

1. I know I wouldn't follow it anyway.

2. Time travel has not been invented yet.

3. "Mistakes" are opportunities to learn about ourselves.

All we have is now, no matter how sorry you are for what happened

and we know it, don't we?

So, instead of wishing to rewind time

you can unwind now,

by seeing your thoughts as the past and future that flow in your mind

and rise beyond them

into presence.

This is what meditation is to me.

Or you can call it self inquiry,

where you look at how your mind operates

so that you can finally be free from believing

that you are stuck in a time that does not exist anymore or

that is not yet .

You are that which watches this coming and going.

What would happen with anxiety and sense of guilt if you realised with all your being that all you had was this moment?

It's not me in the picture... I'm the one watching 🙂