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Ravings of a former corporate leader (star) who burnedout (turned into a supernova) and with that fire, lit a cigar.

Think of burnout as a black hole in an ocean of dark matter.

Don't be put off by this statement though, because is good news and there's a practical exercise to demonstrate it.

And please be patient with me if you are a scientist. I have no clue what I'm writing about but the writing is taking the lead and so I let that be.

So, the black hole is called in this way because not even the light can resist its gravitational force. And at its center all matter is infinitely small and dense.

In our human condition trying to resist the collapse of all that "matters" (or mattered) with flashes of thinking energy is like a beam of light trying to resist the inevitable when the only thing it can do is

surrender to its unfolding.

In a similar way, it doesn't matter how much one tries to fight it with the "light" of thoughts
whether positive or negative
the black hole always wins...
and luckily that's how it is!

Do you want to know why?

Of course you do, you’ve read this far...

Because "black" does not refer to the color but to its force to swallow the light and dark matter doesn't mean "gloomy" but dark to measuring instruments (unmeasurable).

It's where all planets and stars are... the dark matter is the unmeasurable field in which everything happens.

To be afraid of the black hole and the dark matter is to be afraid of discovering our universal and fundamental nature.

This is the exercise:

Close your eyes and stop thinking... can you do it? If so, for how long?

Or do reflections, images, thoughts, go through your head?

Who is the one who notices this happenings?
What is the field where glimpses of energies (thoughts) occur?

Obviously your awareness... you know that thoughts are passing through a field of knowing and
that field is you.

You know that you are the knowing.

This is the universe embedded in our human condition.

Dark matter, black holes, stars, supernovas and all.

You see, how big you are?

Be aware that you are awareness and suffering will be like a meteor to be seen, experienced and let go
inside the vast space that
you are.

Then go back to work, as without it, there is no money to pay for the bills... every sphere of the human condition has its place.

But now you know
what you don't need,
to be free and magnificent
as the entire universe.

Now a cigar as my break is about to be over.