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Direct, uneducated realization, no notions to absorb, no techniques, nothing.

I'm not saying that techniques to manage stress are not useful... for a while they might be...

But there's a more radical way "to deal" with stress


-- seeing what is this thing you call stress (thoughts)
-- seeing where is it coming from (thoughts)
-- seeing who wants to manage stress ("Me!" as the illusion of you being your thoughts)

And so…

-- realizing that you are what is aware of all that.

Because you are

-- the watching
-- the breathing
-- the walking

And when stress arises again,
you no longer believe that you are a bunch of thoughts
and you'll naturally fall back into you being

-- the watching
-- the breathing
-- the walking

Will stress disappear?

In time it will considerably reduce but most likely it won't disappear,
the difference though is that its ripples will have no more grip on you being the ocean.

Did I learn this by using a technique?


as I said... it was direct, uneducated, realization.

To be aware of our nature we need nothing...

You need nothing.

You are that already.